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The bargain

Community groups who look after woodland and open spaces will be the “installers” Woodturners who can make the bird nesting boxes are the “makers”.

There is no point in hooking up people in opposite ends of the country, the purpose of the Facebook group is to allow you to find installers or makers in your area, so that there is easy transportation costs are kept to a minimum, and hopefully friendships made that will benefit both sides, both this year and into the future.

But enough of the sentimental mushy stuff.

The deal,

This project is to replace nesting sites lost through the felling of Ash trees, that means that the installers have Ash tree timber to supply. The makers have the lathe and the skills to create the nesting boxes.

Ash logs needed between 20cm and 30cm diameter, and between 25cm and 35cm in length. It would be handy if there was some idea of the sort of birds in the area, though the idea is that the bird boxes will be fairly universal, and can be modified simply at installation time. Installers will need to get the tree surgeons to cut some to this size, big bits are hard to move!

So once you have made the contact in your area,

Installers will supply the agreed number of Ash logs, plus a couple as some timber just doesn’t want to play nice.

Makers will create the nesting boxes and supply them back to the installers.

In theory this is simple! But it will need cooperation and good will on all sides to make it work. I can reach out to makers, I have only very limited contact with installers, I have reached out to the Wildlife trust, but many of their staff are furloughed and I don’t know when or if they will respond.

The idea is simple come into the Facebook group put out to the group if you are a maker or an installer (or perhaps you are both?) and find each other!