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"To handle new planed wood, even to look at it is to receive a message that life can still be good at heart; the very shavings are a crisp confirmation, a mystery; it is because wood no matter how chopped, sawn or planed, somehow remains alive. I put my hand on the desk like a hand on a mans shoulder. Into this material has passed rain and sun, it has lived. And some secret part of it still lives. Notice how few men who work with wood are unhappy."


'Delight' by J.B. Priestley

This is not going to be a well maintained site, I would rather be out in the workshop making sawdust and shavings, which is one of my principle hobbies. If you want to see me make some shavings I have a YouTube channel where sometimes I upload films of me turning My YouTube Channel

Sometimes when enough sawdust and shavings have been made there are bits that are left in the middle, apparently these left over bits can sometimes be sold which will provide money for wood and tools to make more sawdust and shavings.

A bit about me. I am told people want to know stuff about people, no I don’t really understand why either, but they say you do, so this is half my paragraph used up. I am old enough to know better, and young enough to still get into trouble. I ride motorcycles, and get drunk in fields, and I was semi strong armed into early retirement by repeated illness, which was fortunate, as I had mostly worked long hours, or away from home. So I never before had the chance to indulge my hobby of wood waste manufacture.

So I built myself a workshop, bought some sharp things and some powered things and went on a training course for a year and a bit largely thanks to the generosity of Max Carey who donated a workshop and put together a trust to teach and promote woodturning, Max Carey Woodturning Trust The trust is in Portishead, anyone in Bristol or somewhere close that has an interest should make a point of contacting them.