Turning Wooden bowls is great, the best thing there is to make... well along with the other great things! inherently beautiful, often surprising as patterns are revealed in the grain, and actually useful too.

Most bowls I will make are going to be to order, it's no good me making a ton of big bowls if all my customers live in small houses! like wise it's pointless making a load of 6" or 8" fruit bowls if my customers are hotels! a chunk of nice timber to make a 12" bowl costs about £30 then there is about 2 days work to create it.

So rather then buy from my stock which is best sold at craft fairs and the like consider telling me the space you have to put it in, and discuss the timber you want and lets come up with something personal together. I seriously enjoy making them so much I work for well below minimum wage on these. So drop me a line lets make what you want. 

Meanwhile yes I do have some in stock that may float your boat, have a look.

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