Clasper Mk 5.0.1 Lightburn file
  • Clasper Mk 5.0.1 Lightburn file

Clasper Mk 5.0.1 Lightburn file

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Lightburn file aimed at making the headstock end of the depth gauge that should prevent bowls becoming funnels


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Laser cut the plan on 5mm plywood 

Glue the 2 L Shaped guides into the square holes on the base plate, facing forward (make sure they are straight) 

Embed a 6mm nut (10mm spanner size) into the square piece with hex hole in it, glue that under centre hole in base plate aligned with front edge. (this should drop between bed rails out of the way) 

Insert matching bolt into roundish piece with hex hole in it, and put roundish with round hole under it as a spacer. 

Glue the jigsaw type piece to the top plate so it fits nicely onto the lathe bed in use.

Put top sliding piece over the 2 guides and secure with centre bolt.

Put your smallest chuck / jaw set on the lathe and with a square figure out the size where the backplate is against the headstock and the front lines up with the front of the jaws. (you could do this in lightburn before cutting it out) it will be front of jaws -5mm.

Draw lines for your normal chuck / jaw sets on the base plate to quickly adjust in future.

For the tailstock end it is simply a base plate a post to get to your spindle height and a rod that lines up with the front of the baseplate. Length of rod and baseplate will need to match up with the depth you want to measure e.g. 4" for normal bowls up to whatever length for large hollow forms etc. it doesn't matter so long as the rod lines up with the front of the base plate. 

The gap between the headstock end and the tailstock end is how much wood you have left before you reach the jaws! 

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