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Tulip. It’s supposed to look a bit like the flower head. Quite nice for those of you who like to slide your fingers down the cord and use the top of the light pull to make it work. Only available in one size as it only looks good in one size.

Size: Small'ish about 27mm

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All the light pulls are hand made individually without reference to any pattern or jig. So they are effectively all unique but grouped into 'styles' to make them list-able.

The holes? The top hole is 3mm which will accommodate the usual bathroom light-pull or blind-pull cords. The bottom hole is 7.5mm or 8mm depending on which drill bit I pick up first which is plenty to hide the knot in a standard pull cord. If you have larger cords and want bigger holes then just ask, I have other drill bits!

Can I select specific timber? The whole point of selling these is to use up off-cuts of timber so they get sold as Wood rather than Oak or Elm because they could be anything. However you can always drop me an Email and request a specific timber and if I have some you can have it.

Thoughts on size? When I started selling these I chose a roughly 2" length as slightly bigger but in the same zone as standard light pulls, then people asked for bigger... SO they got bigger they went to roughly 3", to get this proportional I was bumping up against the maximum size of 25mm thick to post as a large letter so larger is possible, but only to special order like anything if you want it ask and I can make it. Problem with approximately 3" is it doesn't suit blind pulls very well where typically you will have 3 cords that need pulls in a close proximity... so I started making the approximately 1" ones...

So you have 3 choices:- Small, Normal, Quite Big plus of course you can ask for custom up-to about 12" I suppose... but that would be quite silly!

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